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I am ruussiakdn man and I liketh commun

Such an UPDATE from Adventure Capitalist!

This game is a big date to its twin Adventure Capitalist, it might take up some battery but it’s worth it with my charger right with me! I have been playing this game for about a week and I figured I would right a review on this Marvelous game! In this case, AC (Adventure Capitalist) isn’t the worse... But this is WAY Better. Kongrete should be proud of there creations, I am looking forward to more updates on this game! I love you Kongrete!

Best mobile soviet themed game

I love this game definitely better than the first.

Don’t buy permanent 5x industry boost!

After purchase of permanent 5x industry boost, production suffers massive decrease. Support said will fix in next update but that was weeks ago. Game is now unplayable.


When will iOS get the new upgrade?

Comrade Ivan Approves!

This is a must get game, and is far better than the original! Here you can play as a true Communist, racking up fellow comrades and supplies! Better yet, POTATOES! #comradeivanapproves


I loooovveeee this game. It is so fun. I have 157FF potatoes. The fun never ends

Comrade believe this is good game


Comrade surges don’t work

You get usable items called “comrade surges” to help with progress but they aren’t actually usable. In the wiki it says they should be in the shop for you to use. They aren’t. Pretty glaring flaw.


Best game 0 bc to infinity every body who doesn’t agree with go screw yourself

Great Game!

You Should definitely play it

Great game!

Love playing this!


This game is so fun but I think it goes by way too fast so if you can make commanders or stuff like that a little bit harder to get it it would make it 20 times better well that’s all I got to say but I love this game

Communism great

For mother Russia


It is great


Way better


It has no borders


The boost timer doesn’t keep even when I leave the app open. Other than that, it’s a great way to spend time in the bathroom.

my comrades

heil Stalin comrades

Good and great

Time to spread communism

Doesn’t Save

This game frequently does not save my progress. I put this game down a few months ago, since I couldn’t make any progress, because the game wouldn’t save my progress. I recently decided to give it another chance, but it still fails to save my progress.

The Lord

I play this game for Tachanka

It’s okay I guess

I’m definitely a bigger fan of capitalism over communism. In games and irl.

It great

Other then the fact communism is evil and twisted the game is fun

Starving to death...

It’s really hard to progress in the game when te government takes all your money and redistributes it on top of that, any product I buy is claimed by the state. Also I starved to death too many times.

Pay to win.

I believe a recent patch made it wayy harder to win the game without purchasing more and more science. Spoils the game. Edit: now my game just seems broken. Ever since I updated, every time I come back to the app I get reverted to my state from a few days ago (all my purchases are gone). So sad.

Took forever to update and still broken

Everytime I leave the app for a couple days without closing it or touching it I come back to all my science being reset into my personal slot and have none specked into comrades which I need. Been going on for months. This is g a r b a g e


Thanks for fixing the problem

What happend!!!!!

They took a great game and made a worse version

It's about the McDonald's


The end of the game

I love this game and all, however, people have been complaining about the hospitals and institutions, saying they no longer produce comrades. Can you fix that in the game so that it is possible to get all the medals in the game. Thanks a lot. Also don’t fix any of the bugs that are in the game. And can you make it easier to get more science

Nerfed end game and no reset

The beginning part is really fun and engaging. However once you get to a certain point, there is no way to progress without waiting a few weeks or buying gold. And even then, you stall out. They took out the super comrade hospitals. So now the game just stalls. But the worst thing is, there is no reset. How can any game these days not have a reset? It makes no logical sense. I guess they want you to beat the game and then disappear?? Having a reset/restart allows people to continually play the game. As I do with Hippos other game Ad Cap. Just delete it, redownload, start again. I have stated this on forums, Twitter, even the company main page. And they honestly do not care. Number one rule of business, keep the customer coming back. Maybe that’s why this game is failing.

Game variety

This game has a great variety of things to do and get tons of resources and it’s not really easy like Adventure Capitalist and to upgrade one thing you need more of another thing.

it will fail

It’s will fail.....don’t ask why because communism always fails


Well firstly I’d like to say this game does have a lot of potential, howeverim very disappointed. Even after purchasing the autoclick and permanent 5x it still seems to take forever to progress, am I doing something wrong? I mean I’ve been playing for months now and I’m making little to know progress, even after purchasing all these addons it’s ridiculous, I don’t know maybe I’m just doing something wrong but progress seems to be way too slow.

Too slow to advance

Playing for months now and have hit a stall where I can’t reset. May uninstall soon, no advancement in weeks.

Вся власть советам!

Товарищ! Join us, in glorious revolution under beneficent all seeing eye of Fearless Leader! Game is free but take up all your time, just like so it is in real life Communism! Easily worth one hundred billion rubles, or more? Who can say? New version need more Borscht, and as well more Svetlanas, Natanias, Natashas, Sashas, Katerinas, and so on, and so on. Mother Russia not ever such sausage fest, in particular so after the Stalingrad. Dasvidaniya! INTERIM REPORT: Приве́т. Despite using real money of capitalist pig-dogs for clandestine purchase of science to aid in permanent revolution, state has reached point from which forward progress will take years. While fearless leader appreciates wisdom of 5 year plan, calculation that even with full placebo bonus, each one of people’s Institutions will take approximately 4.2 years to pay for itself, and by this time bourgeois pigs at Apple probably make several new iPhones. If win condition is get all medals, it appears that getting the OO comrades necessary to win top tier medal will take something on order of KK seconds. I have heard American musical number (Not samizdat! Is about suffering under unjust capitalist housing system!) say year is 525,600 minutes, so perhaps something like 30,0000,000 seconds. Let us say one billion seconds because Communism nothing if not optimistic. So HH+ years required to win game. For perspective, if each second in age of universe replaced with entire age of universe, maybe 169 trillion trillion years, still not enough time to win AdventureCommunist. Now I finally understand permanent revolution, but fear they will send me to Siberia for this knowledge. I not subversive; only I trying to help! Suggestion is perhaps experiment to increase production of Institution, and more experiment to make more comrades. Other idea is return to plan in which Institution make comrades instead of important useful medicine. Ideas of course submitted humbly to Politboro in deference to grand vision of State. EDIT (out of character) : Estimate of 4.2 years for Institution to produce enough placebos to pay for placebos in cost was orders of magnitude too low. The following is with every all-industry and all-placebo bonus activated and all mystery bonuses: 355LL/13II = 355000000000/13 = cycles per cost coverage (i.e. (355LL/cost) / (13II/cycle) ) 20 seconds per cycle 1/3600/24/365 = inverse seconds per year (fractional years per second) 20*(355000000000/13)/3600/24/365 = 17318.4 years per cost coverage Institutions therefore have negative placebo value unless you intend to play for thousands of years. The only way to make them worthwhile would be to add more multipliers. They still have a small value for missions, but since they cost 100,000,000 comrades, to get all of the comrade bonuses from them will require 100LL*100,000,000 = 10 OO comrades. With all comrade bonuses activated the total boost is 3*2*2*5*3*5*8*5*13 = 468,000x To make 10 OO comrades in one year (a long time to play an idle game, but let’s say it’s worth it to keep it downloaded and check it once a month) with all comrade bonuses activated therefore requires 10 OO / 468,000 / 3600/24/365 base comrades per second = 10 * 10^57 / 468,000 / 3600/24/365 = approximately 6.8 * 10^44 base comrades per second In game terms this is 6 FFF comrades per second BASE payout. And that third F is not a typo... we are talking about more comrades per second than I have potatoes after playing the game for six months and making gold purchases along the way. I’m currently getting 35.495 B comrades per second and have more than half of the available missions completed. The numbers of comrades per bonus so far have increased slowly, with no indication that they will ever get above one thousand for any mission... and they are ADDED, not multiplied, so it seems unlikely that base payout will ever reach 6FFF. And if it only managed to get to, say, 6EEE, it would take 1,000 years to earn the last medal. Likely it will never get above 1AA. It seems this is a fundamental flaw in the game that the end we are striving for is fundamentally impossible to reach before the heat death of the universe, but perhaps this is actually the best communism joke of them all.

Game play

The most fun thing about this game is the title. Don’t waste your time here; play something fun instead.




Even though you can't turn it into landscape mode, it is amazing!! There is a lot more to do! Also I love the time machine. And one more thing, I love how it tells you the requirements. Look, I don't care if it's a battery drainer because I always keep my charger around. And so I sign off saying #ILOVETHISAPP

I want to review the game, but... (EDIT)

(EDIT) the developers responded to my previous problem; and it was fixed like they promised. Thank you so much! I recently downloaded this game, because it looked hilarious. I opened the app about ten minutes ago, and it’s still at the loading screen. This is ridiculous, I want to play it but it’s literally been loading for 10+ minutes and that is completely stupid. Fix your game!


Good game much communist

First game was better

It was

Great game

Presents an interesting challenge in where to invest your comrades to best benefit the motherland. Rarely crashes and ads work when I request them, unlike AdCap. Seems to heat up my phone if I have it open for a while, which will be a benefit in the cold winter!

Free gold won’t be awarded

7/16/18 Twice now I have completed offers for free gold and after jumping through their hoops and talking to customer support they have denied both. Their reasoning is I didn’t download the offer from their wall which isn’t true. I’m happy to update this review if they fix this problem. 7/27. Yes I have contacted Supersonic both times and provided screen shoots and countless emails. The standard reply is ‘you didn’t download from the wall’ but it’s the ONLY way I have downloaded. I thought I had said that in my review but thanks for the canned response sort of proves my point.



Frustrating bug

When the ad bonus ends the industries drop to 1/25th of their value rather than 1/5th

For the motherland

I liked this game more than the original because it doesn’t take itself as seriously as the first, the way it uses communist stereotypes is hilarious, furthermore the gameplay is similar to the original but more well thought out and more things to do. Overall good game 👏👏👏👌🤗

AdCommunist is Awesome!

I like how impatient people would HATE this game cause my obnoxious sister won't be like LETs PLAY ADCOMMUNIST YEH LETS DO IT in my face. She is very impatient.

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