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Quite fun karmas

Adcom is quite fun for those of you who like tycoon games. It is much like the companies other games but the addition of missions that produce entities ofLower tiers creates a self-sustaining system which is quite fun to build up


Nice game

Communism brothers

Cuka blyat

This has some interesting idea but terrible micro transactions.

Where to even start with all the problems I have with this game. OK for starters there are too many plates to spin and not enough feedback on what's going to effect what when you buy different groups. I have so many problems with how the science upgrades work. For starters there should be some way to sort them by cost. I hate have to scroll through the whole list to find at the bottom that I have a new cheap on i could buy after a rank up. Also you get science at a terrible rate, it's like they balanced it so that you have to buy it to make any progress. Oh and those all those micro transactions. I'll be frank, this game feels like they came up with a list of transactions first and then build the most bare minimum of the dressing of a game to sell those transactions. Overall this is a sad shadow of the first game that was either poorly designed or explicitly designed to harass its players for money.

I get that game

Still I like it

Glory to communism

It is great game comrade get it



Temporary excitement

Adjusted from a one star to a two star rating (resolved game data issue). I have played the game for a few months now, and I’ve made it to rank 7 pretty smoothly. At first the game was fun and I was pretty stoked to unlock all of the features. I invested a good deal of time and a few bucks and had some nice perks. After you surpass the first or second rank, the game get boring. You get some rewards to boost production but that’s pretty much it. The game lacks thrill and excitement to keep playing and moving on. If you’re looking for a one-two time a day 10 minute killer this game rocks. But if you’re searching for a long-term game that gets more exciting as you go, then this is not for you. Deleting this game from nothing but boredom.

In Soviet Russia,

Potatoes plant you! 🚩

Good game

Recommend very good. One issue, you can only buy 1 of something at a time, I would put a 1, 10, 100, and Max, just like Adventure Capitalist.

Hard Paywall

The only permanent form of progress is science. You get science points at a snails pace watching adds or every other month playing normal. This game has one of the most obvious pay walls I’ve ever hit. I’ve been playing a month alone trying to get one upgrade. I’m finally done with this game.

Ad Problem

When trying to view ads for rewards, at majority of the time they won’t come up at all for anything. This game could be a lot more entertaining if I wasn’t staring at a loading screen so much.


I was on 100% then I saw that I was on 2% when only playing for 10 min’s and once I was on 30% then on 12% for only playing for 2 min WHAT THE HECK!!! I give this one star and not just for that.

Great with a few bugs and annoyances

I love the app! My one BIG problem is, sometimes when I close the app, it’ll forget everything I did in the last session and I’ll lose some progress. It’s never too much but it’s super annoying. Also, the placebo industries only generate placebos instead of generating the thing that’s one rank down like the rest of the industries, meaning it’s super hard to get that stuff since it’s not exponential. Otherwise really fun though

Would be better if ads worked for comrades and rate multiplier

75% of the time you click to double comrades while you are away or watch ads to multiply the work they do, ads will not actually load.


This game is like adventure capitalist, but with a new skin. The spend money and money making machines to make more machines is simply brilliant. Everything, even the music (which is a remixes version of the song Moscow from what I know) is brilliantly thought over. Good work, Comrades!

Very Nice Comrades!

Perfectly shows the glorious union! It would put a smile on Lenin's face! (Was that good enough KGB? Now can my family go free?)

Not quite as good as Cap

More complicated than the first game and a lot slower, still worth checking out.


You see, its heritage in palm of hand! Now i can be the new commissar of mother Russia!

This game is totally worth it

I played this game for a while and it is way better than adventure capitalist


I haven’t even opened the game yet but am sure this will be a great Segway for spreading the good word of communism.

Great Game

Adventure Communist is a great game for getting land and also growing potato’s :~}

Potential, but needs balancing.

Goes from confusing to interesting to somewhat boring in a couple hours. I understand balance changes may be coming, and they are sorely needed. I like the complexity changes from AdCap, but I feel like you hit the numbers wall way too soon. As soon as you’re Rank 3, you might as well put the game away for a day. I can imagine where it’s going to go from there.

If you rated 4 stars or less, what is wrong with you?

This is a truly elite game that involves exponential growth to a whole new level I have never seen before! The leveling system is brilliant! How is this game still free? I would get this even if I had to pay for it. Also, you only get ads if you want some kind of reward (they don’t pop up randomly)

It’s good

I love the game it is so addicting but I got really far and it made me reset even though I didn’t want to if it told me how I would be good but it forced me I lost all my data FIX this pls

Good game but it keeps deleting my data

This game is a good idea however, it keeps deleting my progress is I am stuck at level 7, however I do want to note that the developers are very attentive to the layers needs


Is Good

All hail

All hail mother Russia and protect her from all of the enemies

Slow crawl to oblivion

Game isn’t fun after a few hours. Ads don’t work and you lose out on billions of workers. Company is extremely slow at fixing bugs and putting out updates. Stay away from this until if and when they get their act together

Great game!

You guys should make all sort of government ideology games! AdVenture Facist, AdVenture socialist and so on, these games are really fun and I love playing your games!

A huge downgrade

Really just not very fun at all. In order to actually make decent progress you need to constantly recycle your science and “put all your eggs in one basket” so to speak, and that’s just not something I’m interested in doing at all. Furthermore, it rarely connects to an ad when prompted, even when on very stable and fast internet connections. What results is a star load animation spinning forever that you can’t close out of. If I haven’t opened the game in a full day, it’s incredibly disheartening to lose out on billions of comrades to this bug. Even getting a 5x boost from ads is a hassle, despite working flawlessly until a couple updates ago, I now rarely get past x3 before it just stops fetching ads. It’s infuriating. I very rarely get to double my comrades because the bug has become SO persistent. It’s clear that the developer put their heart and soul into adventure capitalist, and this one is just a cash grab rising off their big brothers success story. Sad.




I kinda like

Wants your money. Does Drain Battery

Another brilliant game from Kongregate. Would be a 5 star rating if it didn't kill the battery. Maybe with future update, I will max out my rating. **Edit** Originally i has given this app 4 stars. Now, to be honest, they are lucky to get 2. All I can say is the ads are horrendous when it comes to wanting "free play." Point being... they want your cash to pay for science. In the end, it is time wasted you will never receive back.

Ad Fails, Bonus Losses, and “soon” means never

Ok, not as good as Adventure Capitalist. The Researchers “coming soon”, might help, but “soon” is too far away for me to wait. I started playing Doomsday, much better than this and has a massively easier way to get their version of “science”. However, one of my most major complaints of this game is the loss of comrades. Opening the game up, you get a bonus after watching a video. I have lost millions of comrades in bonuses as the ad will fail or not open. Then the game freezes and upon reopening, you get no bonus option as the game thinks you already completed a bonus action. Deleting today since I just lost a 3rd 1 Billion comrade bonus due to the ad fail. Even if the bonus fail flaw was not happening, I would still only rate this game a 3 at most. Kongregate, check out the Doomsday clicker. Add the pest killing function in (of course in your on way), and fix your ad fail flaw (mostly the loss of the bonus).

Proudly Spread Revolution

Game is about timing and calculating, if at the start u do nothing and then return to the past then it will be way harder for u to work. That's y u should plan ur actions but sometimes it gets lil annoying cause u may forget what u planned to do. Basically for me this game is way better then the other one. I found some pretty nice jokes which have been put in there and when that glorious soviet music plays u just want to hit that upgrade button when beat starts goin. Btw there is no money in the game so if u want to make or build something u will have to borrow stuff from other bases. Playin this gam with imagination makes this revolution spread through the entire world!

Good, but ads crash

I enjoy this game slightly less than adCap. I like that the industries are all interconnected. This game requires a bit more thought than adCap. I have been having problems with ads never loading. I’m forced to restart the app and loose the bonus.

Ads don’t play

I’ve been playing this game for a while and the ads only play about 50% of the time, the other 50% all I get is a spinning star on a blank screen. I’ve contacted the developer several times about this and all they do is give me the standard automated messages indicating that they just don’t care. As a result of this I’ve missed out on countless amount of “comrades” and science because when the ads fail and you’re forced to reload the game all accumulated comrades are reset and the free science icon disappears. I don’t expect the developers to fix this problem, after all they’ll probably to busy counting their money rather than making sure their customers are happy.

Resetting Money

Nice game! In only a day I got more than 500 aa!

Slow and buggy

This game is extremely slow-paced compared to AdCap! It’s literally been months since my last rank up. Also the free gold doesn’t work properly.

Love this game

This is one of the only games where I have spent money. Love this! I find it so much better than the first, since you always have a way to contribute even if idle. In the first one I got to a point where i would reset and within 2 minutes my angels doubled. There was no challenge.

This game is ok

The prestige aspect of it takes waaaaaay toooo long. You don't have a given idea of how close you are to the next one... and with how many choices to choose from when spending your trooper guys, it can become super slow real fast.

Confused af

It’s keep saying Data couldn’t be loaded, can someone help?

Extra features a no go

The game is fun in the beginning but soon gets boring as it takes forever to rank up. You can watch ads for extra science and comrades (which are needed to do anything in the game) but they never seem to work. Either you can’t get the ad to play or it plays and you don’t get what you are supposed to. Edit: I contacted customer support after being directed to do so from the response to this review. I was asked for my Game ID which I provided and then my game was promptly taken offline. So there you go.

Getting worse and worse

This game used to be great, but lately it’s barely playable on my 7+. It crashes frequently


I’ve played both games and this one is more difficult. But i currently cannot access my game, it says there’s an error.

One prob’m

The game is super fun, but unfortunately I permanently can’t play because of some error retrieving data. Cannya guys perhaps somehow fix this?

Great until. Please fix.

Great game but All of a sudden keep getting an error retrieving data message and game won’t open.

Doesn’t Work


Game is fun but it has problems

The game was addicting but after playing a couple times it stopped working. I deleted the game and then got it again and it still wouldn’t let me play.

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