AdVenture Communist App Reviews

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Great Game 👍

Great Game! Enjoyed better than AdCap! Really Fun unlocking new things! But you could add a bit more to it just like extra polish LOVE It but did Drain my Battery by 30% in 10 Minutes Maybe try to fix That otherwise Great job!

Good at first

It's really fun at first then it's just the same old thing

A game for EVERYONE

This game is super addicting and a lot better than adventure capitalist because capitalism is SO overrated. COMMUNISM!!!!


What country do you play as?


This game helps you think but it’s also very fun and interesting!!

Communism is trash

This game is trash because it supports communism which every straight person ever knows it against human law and nature and never works out. Ps USA USA USA IS THE BEST🇺🇸

We are caomrads

That’s why we downloaded it

We need more steel

Comrade. Steel production is down


Communism will never work.


This is a pretax good game except for the time travel ability. I believe that it should be removed next update.

Almost done

This game feels almost done. There’s a researchers tab that is “coming soon” for example. That’s fine, apps develop. If you like idle games, it’s a really interesting take on the formula. It’ll get four stars from me when they give the option for scientific notation rather than their made up letter system. It’s a switch all the incremental games have in options. It’ll get five stars if it can manage to fix the battery drain it does to my phone. In one day it used 80% of my battery when none of the other games I was playing just as much broke 10% It’s good game, I may only be able to play it on a charger

Kicked out

Each time I go into the app it kicks me out. I went in to it soooo many times but it won't go past the loading screen. Please fix.

Surge Missing

New update got rid of my comrade surge

Better Than The First

This sequel to AdCap is in my opinion better. It's much easier to progress and it takes up much less storage.


This is a great game

Great game

I love this game but my perfect communist utopia™ fell after only 70 years due to economic distress and general starvation and unhappiness. But don't worry communism still works (right?)

i love it

this game is amazing i love the way you get things



You tried but...

It’s really cool that you guys added an option to try again when the videos fail to load. I like the option, I really do. But it has never worked even once for me. So you tried, but no dice. Fun pointless game though 😜

Oops something went wrong. Check your internet connection and try again

Even after update, game still has problems playing ads over WiFi. It’s not the WiFi that is the problem but the ad server. The ad servers are having problems providing fill You see a lot of “Oops something went wrong!” messages. You can’t really progress unless you watch 8 ads per day. What a dilemma!

Update issues

Since this most recent update, whenever I buy anything (say 100 farmers) as soon as I leave the app my progress is reset.



Ad-fest, pay to play

The game has a laughable progression rate. If you watch 12 ads a day you can progress a tiny bit faster. 8 adds for a 24 hour boost is ridiculous when other games do 4 max. Permanent upgrades cost anywhere from 25 to 1000 science, and the in-game ad to get science only rewards 2 per day. I don’t understand why their progression and reward system is so flawed when the developer has made a handful of much better progression games in the past. Pass this one up, check out their other games.


Communism is good comrades



Great game!

Fun game, with creative ranks. The only downside is the fact that it takes 250 mega bites, and it’s also a hard game to actually complete. Besides that it is a great game!

Red Menace

It’s Glorious Comrade

It just needs better design

Honestly, the game has a lot of things it needs to fix before it becomes good. The Ad multiplier is completely whacky. Sometimes it won’t let watch the last ad and completely restricts you from getting 5x multiplier. The ad multiplier doesn’t work sometimes. An example of this was when I was making 75 mil off of a certain industry on 5x and then the next day I was 25 mil off of the same industry on 5x. It was fun at first but then it turned into a long waiting game for comrades to appear. The only reason I’m still playing is because I’ve gotten as far as I did and I’m hoping they’ll make these fixes.

Don't rank up

The more you rank up the less you can play. It crashes more often now than I can play, no progress can be saved since I hit rank 9. Rank 8 was barely playable with the continual crashing.

Beat it :(

Needs more levels and 100% and 75% button. I want more ranks medals and missions

Disappointed the game no longer works right

This game has bugs. Progress does not save frequently enough—I’m sick of not making progress because the game does not save.

Gets too slow

Way better than AdCap at the beginning, the gets deathly slow

A worthy sequel!

If you're a fan of Adventure Capitalist, then you already know that you're in for a treat! Loving this game!


This game is too good for humanity


Just like Frank West

The other reviews

The other reviews show how communism doesn’t last

Below average

Typical click/idle game similar in nature to many others. I decided for two stars because: * For some reason the game requires internet. I like click/idle games especially for travels when sitting in a plane or stuck on airport with really bad cell reception and no wifi. Sadly I can’t use this game in such scenario and I don’t personally get why. Internet is such an overkill for this game. * Sync issues - it happened so often that I opened the game, did some stuff and closed the app. When I returned few hours late, all my changes were lost. It almost looks like game is syncing only periodically and if it’s not opened for long enough, the changes are lost. Again pointing to an overkill with internet.


Would cheeki breeki again my comrades. Now get back in the mines

Gold bar scam

This game is a scam for free gold bars for downloading another app and doing a task. Even after opening an ticket they just decline after adding all the information and screen shot they just decline that you completed the tasks... don’t bother playing this game waste of time... Even after emailing still no help don’t bother playing this game. SCAM

Best tycoon game

It perfectly represents how communism works and how much growth it can have. It also has no money, just Start with potatoes and work your way up to the best comrade ever.

A mixed bag

If you’ve played any other number increments game, you know what you’re getting here. You tap to make numbers bigger, then buy upgrades to make the numbers get bigger faster. Every couple days, you do a soft reset and the numbers get bigger even faster. This game has two unique selling points that it attempts to stand on. The first is its “In Soviet Russia...” style of humor. At first, this lands pretty well and it may end up being enough to keep you playing until you get hooked. It was for me and I would say it is fairly well executed overall. The second unique selling point comes in the form of research upgrades. Over the course of the game, you earn science which you spend to buy these upgrades and they are what controls your actual advancement. Your ability to progress will depend on you constantly resetting and choosing new upgrades that best suit your current needs. Now, these are what I would truly consider a mixed bag and why I chose to give this game three stars. The good: these experiments offer a lot of variety in how they improve your abilities. Since many of the most powerful upgrades also come with drawbacks, it is an interesting puzzle trying to find the best combination. The bad: as I mentioned earlier, you will need to reselect your upgrades often. In the later game, you will often need to reset multiple times in a single play through in order to best push past your current wall. This is bad because the user interface for these upgrades is TERRIBLE. It consists of five separate scrolling lists with no rhyme or reason dictating what abilities are on which list. There is no method provided for sorting upgrades and the list quickly becomes crowded with nonsense choices you will never take but still have to scroll through. The best thing the game gives you to counter this is the ability to create “loadouts” that allow you to quickly buy back groups of upgrades you have created. However, this still isn’t that helpful since you will often want to change what upgrades you are taking and a load out that worked before might no longer be usable. The best fix I can think of for this would be the ability to sell back specific upgrades individually, allowing you to easily adapt your strategy on the fly. The game doesn’t allow this, however, because that would interfere with one of their monitization mechanics. See, the game gives you a set number of “free” resets for your upgrades but anything beyond that will require sacrificing some of your upgrade points. To counter this, the game is more than willing to sell you additional upgrade points through in-app purchases. While this isn’t a problem on its own (and the prices are reasonable) choosing to monitize the game this way means that the actually playing of the game can become a frustrating experience of scrolling through unintuitive lists. Final thoughts: a solid experience that will draw you in but the increasingly frustrating late game experience will probably drive a lot of people away.

Multiplier button

Very fun. Added cost of resources makes game much more compelling that adventure capitalist. Would be useful to have a buy x10 and x100 buttons for resources. Purchasing thousands of resources is tedious.

Capitalism = bad

It's good cause its communist

Purchasing System Is Wrong

I bought a few deals on my iPad (not packs of gold, but like the Starter Pack, Rank 4 Pack, Rank 7 Pack, etc.) and it says “Insufficient Credit” on my iPhone. What the hell is this? They are on the same Apple ID, so it should offer it to me for free. Fix this bug now.

A glorious game for true comrades

Capitalist pigs shall burn in the fires of hell

Better than the capitalist pigs!


Only together can we purge capitalism

Can properly tell you how to start a first world communist society starting from a potato 10/10 would play again


I’ve totally have millions of farmers and thousands of workers I’m trying to work my way up into buying a nurse

Funny follow up

Maybe not the same polish as the first one but in soviet Russia reviews you will do. If you don't get the humor go live in the 80s for a while

Pretty good game


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