AdVenture Communist App Bewertungen

My Opinion

It might be a little more darker than the first one but it is still fun and a little harder than the capitilism game and I like that you can turn it but hey it’s my opinion.

Needs more Gulags

Where are the death camps? How can I enjoy a communist utopia without mass murder? If I'm to run a communist state, there will be blood!

Good game but...I’m just kidding it’s awesome.

Greetings,comrade! You know what, screw it. Just play the game and stop whining about minor things that no one cares about. There are literally no problems with the game itself, and it’s fun as hell.


This is coming from a capitalist loving American who completely opposes communism... This game is fantastic!!! Haven't had it long but it's so addicting! You'll love it!

Good but not perfect

It’s a great game it’s so much better than the first one but it has a dark atmosphere and you CANT PLAY IT HORIZONTALLY!!!

Pretty awful

The big difference between this game and adventure capitalist is that this one turns into a pointless slog almost immediately.


Why not

Very Good Yes

Very Good Comrade I recommend game to all communist manifesto fans. We all play on same phone because it is all our phone not one. Communism jokes aren’t funny unless everyone gets it.

Cyka blayt


Worst game ever 😫

Ok.... who wants to play a game about being a potato farmer? I dislike this game, and I think adventure capitalist is better. I’m not doing this to be mean I’m just being honest:)



Not the communism I remember.

I am very old and I was alive during the time of communism but it was never like this. Fun game but does not represent communism very well.


Communism is awesome

For The Love Of communists

Great game lots of fun simple concept and of course POTATOES!!!!!!!!!

How is this allowed on the AppStore?

If this were called "Adventure Nazism" there's no way they'd allow it. Yet Communism MURDERED OVER 10 TIMES as many people as the Nazis!! Pretty sickening.

Cool game

The game was awesome and it's a time killer

A good simulation on communism, and I have some suggestions.

This game has had me playing it everyday, and I have a stable government, but I have some suggestions to make it better. First one is having the ability to name our country something, since it will give us a personal connection to the game. Second, maybe have a career option for the comrades, so that they may earn money for the country. I hope you will consider this, and thanks for reading this.

Unusable in current state

After time traveling for the first time the game will not progress past the point where the scientist asks you to save the science profile. Broken.

One problem

You can't have a revolution JK would be a cool feature thought also how would that work Also give this five stars for the five fingers every worker has in all of Russia

Good game

I wrote this review because it kept telling me to


Very Joseph Stalin


This is my new favorite game I love it but it’s a bit dark so if you don’t like that it’s not for you but if you have a since of humor it’s AMAZING


I really love the idea of communism(I’m not saying i want to create a communist country and destroy capitalism). I have ADHD so this game really helps with my fidgeting, it never gets old! How about Adventure Fascist?

Ads don’t work

Most times I load the game, the star spins when I try to play the idle ad bonus for comrades. This happens in good service areas and bad, cellular and on WiFi. AdCap does something similar but that’s a different game. Nothing will resolve other than force closing the app and restarting. If I have a science ad waiting when I do this I can’t take advantage of it. With that said, otherwise it’s very enjoyable and I like the challenge of all of the different experiment combinations. Fix the ad issue for 5stars.


It would not work when it was loading so I deleted it.

Game makes no sense, I love it!

Very funny.

Great game

This one is way better than the first. It’s easy to unlock all the areas in a short time, you can hold down to earn materials and they come pretty fast. I’m the first it was overwhelming with all the different areas to unlock and it took too much time but this one toned it down a bit and made it more simple.

Fun while it lasted (not that long)

I can’t seem to log in after maybe around 3 hours of playing it. It was fun but when I try to start it up, I’ve waited almost 5 minutes to no prevail. (Yes I have WiFi on so it isn’t on my part)

Needs more...

I’m at a standstill at this point. I have been playing for a few months now and am at the point where the game should have locked up (due to reaching infinity in computer terms but you cleverly made a workaround...about time someone did that) but now I have nothing to do and Research is still “coming soon”. Maybe more industries, such as education (what good is communism without a little brainwashing). How about tourism (to show those capitalist jerks how glorious everything is with stick with the game’s theme of course)? Im hoping something comes along soon so that when it does, i don’t burn through it it less than an hour because of how far i have already advanced. I currently sit at rank 28 with 10 medals needed to rank up to 29 and there are no medals for me to get... Update: I reached infinity. I can no longer play

Better than the last one


It's pretty good

I think that they could add maybe a little faster products produced and more supply usage!! But I love the creative idea!!

What is going on???

Honestly, I would give this game a good rating. IF IT WOULD FREAKING LOAD!!!!! I just downloaded it and it's taking forever to load. FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gets boring.

Fun at first but eventually takes weeks if not months to accomplish anything. I just play once a day at this point. Watch the 12 ads required to get the x5 boost and then log back off because I literally can’t do anything else. The gold packs in the game are ridiculously priced and this is coming from someone who spends way too much money on other games that are actually worth the investment. I really don’t recommend game this but I keep playing at this point just to see if I can change my opinion.

Has bugs

Would give 5 star but it want let me rank up I have 7/3 and still want let me rank up


This helps with time so much

Great game

Quality fun gameplay

They take away your epic beard!

Naw seriously fun game, I enjoy the puns, different mechanic from the capitalist one, I actually feel like I’m building something and not just being a fat cat. But... my beard!!!

Seems meaningless..

In my opinion, nowhere near as good as the first. There really doesn’t seem to be any point, or end goal. It’s just a jumbled heap of tap and collect stats that really don’t seem to coincide with each other, even though they want you to believe they are. It looks pretty disorganized and honestly doesn’t really seem to have a point. Here, collect potatoes! Train soldiers! For what you ask? Nothing! Progression is slow as well, and doesn’t seem nearly as rewarding as in the first. Skip this one.

Missing content

The new update provided things that make the game a lot more fun, such as being able to get research every 8 hours. But a lot of the experiments like 144x placebos have just disappeared and now progressing is impossible for how much longer gathering supplies is.

Great concept, slow progress

Other reviewers hit the mark. Fun in the beginning. Takes too long too progress and no incentive to progress. Need a way to gain more science.

Вся власть советам!

Товарищ! Join us, in glorious revolution under beneficent all seeing eye of Fearless Leader! Game is free but take up all your time, just like so it is in real life Communism! Easily worth one hundred billion rubles, or more? Who can say? New version need more Borscht, and as well more Svetlanas, Natanias, Natashas, Sashas, Katerinas, and so on, and so on. Mother Russia not ever such sausage fest, in particular so after the Stalingrad. Dasvidaniya!

a good game to come home from work and play

perfect for decompressing from minimum wage retail

Harder than the first but better

I think this one has more thought behind it and actual gameplay.

Great game

This is a great game that requires a decent amount of strategy. In this one, you have several different resources, all of which are used in some degree to buy other producers of resources. The ads are next to nothing, you have an option to watch 1 add for 2 double hours, up to 12 ads a day. I am thankful that the developers care about the consumers The in app purchases are expensive,yes, but i haven’t hit a paywall yet. All in all, a great strategic game, that teaches you about economics, even if the economy is potato based. I just hope they continue to add different resources that you can produce. Like automobiles, planes, explosives, more foods, plastic, wood, clothing, and other common exports.

Fun till froze.

Was working just fine then when I unlocked the science thing and the guy was like click here. I click there and nothing happens.

Hey this is pretty good

Better than any clicker game you can travel in time and also buy stuff with stuff that was being earned from the start of the game so it isn’t useless definitely recommend this app



Fun, constant time drain

Pretty fun and nice design. Pretty repetitive with constant badges and unlocks to keep you just interested enough while still looking for something else.

Very fun

It is a good way to kill time

Its ok

It was fun but slowed down really fast

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